1882- Automatic Wire Stripping Plier

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1882- Automatic Wire Stripping Plier (Heavy-Duty)- Tools for removing insulation- electricians

  • Pince à dénuder automatique latérale
  • Profesjonalny automatyczny ściągacz izolacji
  • Professionelle automatische Abisolierzange
  • Alicates pelacables automático profesional
  • متجرد الأسلاك التلقائي المهنية
  • เครื่องปอกสายไฟอัตโนมัติแบบมืออาชีพ
  • 1882-1/ 1882-2
  • 電線剝皮鉗
  • Pliers and their Uses- (A-E)


Automatic Wire Stripping Plier is a safe way to strip wires and cables. A quality wire stripper has the appropriate gauge to get rid of the maximum amount of insulation without damaging the actual wire, and it maintains the safety features that prevent injuries — such as an ergonomic design and blunt blades — while also providing a strong grip, preventing slip-ups when working with smaller wires.
Stripping pliers are designed to work with both single and multiple wire PVC cables, from 1.0 mm² to 3.2 mm². The plier is capable of stripping insulation from the wire in one easy motion. With 6 (AWG 8, 10, 12, 14, 18, 22) integrated stripping sizes, the stripper will make the task easier for all its users. The plier’s ergonomic handles promise a long and reliable life free from strain.

1882- Automatic Wire Stripping Plier
1882-1/-2- Wire Stripping Plier (Heavy- Duty)

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