16755-Holey Star Key Wrench Set

16755- Holey Star Key Wrench Set- (With Handle) in Paper Box Package


Holey Star Key Wrench
  • There has been a lot of confusion over the naming conventions of these two screwdriver head types, so hopefully this article helps clear things up! Torx is the trademark name for these screwdriver bits, while star refers to their generic classification. While they can be used interchangeably, it is important to note that “Star Plus” is an improvement on the design of the star bit and is not compatible with old screws. The classic star bit can be used in place of Star Plus bits and some bolts — but it will only be a loose fit.
16755-66TTH10, TTH15, TTH20, TTH25, TTH30, TTH40
16755-77TTH10, TTH15, TTH20, TTH25, TTH27, TTH30, TTH40
16755-99TTH10, TTH15, TTH20, TTH25, TTH27, TTH30, TTH40, TTH45, TTH50
COLOR BOX : GW= 11KGS/ 20SETS Packing PIC= 2.5'