Wrench Roll Pouch Bag-1142M Double Flex Socket Wrench

Wrench Roll Pouch Bag- 1142M Double Flex Socket Wrench

  • Jeu de clés à douilles doubles
  • Zestaw kluczy dwustronnych
  • Doppel-Steckschlüssel-Satz
  • Juego de llaves de vaso doble
  • طقم مفاتيح مقبس مزدوج
  • ประแจกระบอกคู่
  • 雙活頭套筒扳手組
  • Wrenches Made by Chrome Vanadium
  • On Display/  Packing Details from the factory of HansTools


Wrench Roll Pouch Bag- 1142M Double Flex Socket Wrench
  • The heavy duty canvas roll-up wrench organizer with pockets is perfect for your tools. It has easy to close and a sturdy polyester canvas that can stand up to water and the other wear and tear on your tools. It’s also compact, so it fits well in your garage or toolbox.
  • Double Flex Socket Wrenches The swiveling head on this wrench allows you to have complete control over the socket. The sleeve of the wrench can be rotated 180 degrees so that you can work in any tight place. For added convenience, you can use this wrench on many different types of tools; it is easy to grip and strong.
Rolling Pouch Bag
ITEM NO. PCS1142MPacking PIC
16406M68x9, 10x11, 12x13, 14x15, 16x18, 17x19mm10
16407M78x9, 10x11, 12x13, 14x15, 16x17, 18x19, 21x22mm10