Impact Wrench- Pneumatic Power Instruction

Impact Wrench- Pneumatic Power Instruction

Impact Wrench- Pneumatic Power Instruction
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Impact wrench is a power tool with immense torque but little exertion to match. It’s primarily used by mechanics and machine operators who are looking to save time, energy, and money while working on machinery. An impact wrench offers a rotating power-delivery mechanism that delivers powerful torque to the user — it can be used for tightening bolts or loosening rusted ones.

Impact Wrench- Pneumatic Power Instruction

There are some additional information about the materials of Impact Wrench: 
Aluminum cover and Composite cover.
Most classic item:
83110-84117-, 84115R84110-, 84111-86113-86110-86111 
Featured with Aluminum+ Iron and Rubber Handle
84116, 88113 and Aluminum handle without Rubber 

Impact Wrench- Pneumatic Power Instruction

Composite(Shiny Green Part) materials are made of two or more materials. The whole composite is stronger than the individual parts and more diverse in application. One of the most notable uses of composites is in aerospace, where they are used for making a strong but lightweight material, including external wing panels and fuselage components on aircrafts.

Light Weight Purpose:
86117, 88117, 88116

Aluminum + Plastic+ Rubber Handle

Composites are materials made up of more than one substance. This allows companies to make products that have a specialized purpose, such as being strong and lightweight, or resistant to water and electricity. These materials can be more expensive than alternatives, but they can also be the best option for certain applications.

One Handed Operation: 84118-83119, 84119, 86119, 88119

Aluminum + POM+ Rubber

POM – also known as acetal or polyacetal. It is 100% recyclable. POM is known as polyformaldehyde, polymethylene glycol and polyoxymethylene glycol.
POM resins are regarded to applied in the production of precision parts for good stability and high capability.

  • Automotive
  • Electrical & electronic
  • Industrial 
  • Drug Delivery

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